Ben horse dressage woodblock print


A selection of animal portraits and designs for print, commissions are available on request. My aim is to capture the movement and personality of an animal in a moment of time. This is a challenge when drawing horses from life because their legs move so quickly and change in each pace but it’s excellent practice to produce quick sketches before embarking on the final piece. My love of horses has been with me since a young age and I find a solace in being around horses; to be close to them you have to be calm and in doing so your stress levels are reduced. 

Flight of the heron
‘The flight of the heron’
paper collage
Two red squirrels endangered
‘Breakfast time with these two fellows’ ink drawing
Commission pencil drawing dog
Private Commission pencil drawing
Dressage horse trotting
‘Prancing in the dark’ 45 x 45 cm ink on canvas
two shire horses pulling plough through field
‘The old ways’ watercolour
elephant backside in pencil ornate decoration
‘A right regal behind’ pencil drawing
Elephant series 1 pencil drawing
Elephant pencil drawing
front view of elephant
Elephant 2 of 3 pencil drawing
Dressage horse Ben in trot
Ben 43x30cm Ink on paper
Zebra running in pastel vivid
Zebra running free ink and pastel drawing
Three horse riders and their horses having a show jumping lesson
‘The lesson’ watercolour
Horse dressage
Lusitano horse watercolour